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Well, after reading the internet and freaking myself out, I'd thought I'd finally ask on a board I seem to keep visiting through my Google searches.

I'm eighteen years old and have been sexually active with my fiance for about six months.  My body doesn't deal well with the pill (and I haven't been on it for over a year), so we often use condoms for contraceptives.  We figured out when I had an ovulation window and simply either avoided sex, or we used a condom during that time.  I have always had extremely regular, if not heavy, cycles, and have always ovulated between the 15th and the 18th of every month.

This month, we thought we were in the clear towards the end, and didn't use a condom.  I usually get my period between the 25th and the 27th of every month.  Around the first of this month, I noticed my period hadn't come after some severe mood swings, cramps, and nausea.  The tests I took (two in the morning, one in the evening) all pulled up as negative, but I had NEVER missed a period in my life, or been late for more than two days.

Yesterday, I went in for a blood test, but with the holiday coming up, I won't get the results for a week.  I was still facing all these symptoms:
-nausea, but no vomiting; I did have some very upset bowel movements, though
-increased acne, more than usual
-late period
-dramatic mood swings
-increased fatigue
-severe, constant headaches
-cramps, both that mirrored period cramps and those that just shifted from one side of my lower back to the other

I also had hives, for the first time in a decade, but I'm guessing those were unrelated.  I have been under stress the past few months, but I haven't had a late ovulation or period and I highly doubt this month would be any different (since I am 99% sure I ovulated in that window, and just miscalculated, thinking it was in the beginning of the window).  We haven't had sex since that time.

Anyways, today I woke up and found vibrant red blood in my liner.  I freaked out, a bit, because it was nothing like my usual period.  Usually, I have very dark brown blood for the first day of my period - never such vibrant and dark shades of red.  It was very, very light for the first few hours, and accompanied by terrible, unusually strong cramps.  I also was hit with waves of nausea - completely unusual for me, especially during a period - and this insane urge to cry.  It's not a steady flow, and definitely not as heavy as my usual periods; not to mention, five days late.

I did some research and read it could be late implantation blood (which freaked me out because it's been about fourteen to seventeen days since my ovulation window, and I read that late implantation can lead to miscarriages), or it could be breakthrough bleeding.  I can understand that; my hormones have always been a little crazy, and was partially the reason I was on the pill a year ago.

Anyways, I get the results on Friday, and I'll have a few days to see how long this bleeding lasts.  But, as any person, I want answers NOW because my body is doing such strange things.  And while I accept I won't, I'd love to hear what everyone else has been through and if this sounds familiar, or advice, etcetera.


Just a small update:

The blood continued onto the next day, where it was heavy but extremely watery and very red.  I've lost almost all the symptoms except for fatigue, nausea, and lingering acne.  The cramps have even significantly disappeared.  Tests are still negative, and I'm beginning to believe my body has decided to mess with me for the first time.  I know I won't know anything until Friday (and subsequently, if I miscarried or such), but I'm still curious if anyone else has experienced something similar?


I had similar bleeding, but unlike yours mine was 5 days before my period, I never have early periods, especially only on the 26th cycle day out of 31, but it was bright red and watery and every now and then a clot but nothing like my period in terms of heaviness and cramping etc. I am still waiting to find out whether or not I am pregnant, so I'm afraid I cannot let you know how it ended up for me, but just wanted to let you know you weren't alone in this situation. I know it's past when you should have gotten your results but hopefully you get the answer you are looking for. And if you can could you possibly mention what your results were? I'm still wondering if anyone has symptoms like this and are pregnant.


OP here.

My blood test results were negative, but the cramps were terrible and the tissue passing got worse that I ended up going to the OB/GYN on Monday.  While I initially believed I had miscarried (what with all the symptoms and that "feeling" gone), the nurse practitioner said that it was possible BUT I had definitely at least had an ovarian cyst.

Apparently, the cyst can cause similar symptoms and even mess around with the cycle.  She said only some feel it actually break - I personally didn't.  An ultrasound made sure everything was all right in there, and the blood/urine tests showed the presence of a chemical that only appears after an ovarian cyst "pops".

She said that the cyst wasn't something to worry about, since it was gone, and that the fluid it releases is simply reabsorbed back into the body and harmless.

I'll always wonder if I did have a miscarriage (those feelings of being pregnant sure mess around with your head), but this whole ordeal has made my fiance and I decide to continue trying for children.

Hope all ends well with you!


Oh wow, thankfully nothing got seriously damaged, I am sorry to hear that you didn't end up becoming pregnant and hopefully it didn't end up being a misscarriage too. I wish you the best for the future =) and thank you


My period is very watery and I'm abit late but my belly is swollen