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ok so usually I thought I had a 31 day cycle but it always come a day before or a a day or so after. I think my period is 4 or 5 days late now and I don't think I can be pregnant. I Am however having unprotected sex with my boyfreind I am not on birth control but he always pulls out and I use a contraceptive gel. I also just had a baby 6 months ago im a teen mom I have never had a late period except for when I was pregnant I think my period was always regular before I was pregnant but i have been noticing this strange white clumpy discharge that looks like little peices of (wet toilet paper) and before this I was extremely wet down there with a lot of clear watery discharge the only thing I noticed was big water like spots on my panties. I don't think I can be pregnant and I never really had a missed period before my sleep schedule has changed sciens the last time I had my period.i recently started working nights 9pm to 6am so I havnt been getting much sleep my stress it moderate but is getting a bit worse thinking about all of this. I have been having small stomach cramps and I had diarrhea previously but now my bowls are pretty normal no constapation or anything no breat tenderness no signs of pregnancy that I'm awear of and I think that the discharge could be caused by water going into my vagina while in washing in the bath but I'm not exactly sure so basicly has anyone had anything similar and if you no anything about missed/late periods will be very helpful thank you :) 


Oh I also started taking 1000 cupsuls of vitimine c tablets (I herd it helpsur period come after uit is late) today would be day 3 of me taking these vitimines :) I have also tryed the parsley leaf in the virginia and drinking peppermint tea.