I am currently 9 days late but have experienced some very light pink spotting (around days 4-6 late) and sometimes just light pink bleeding when I wipe (sorry trying to be as detailed as possible) today I'm having some very light bleeding very vibrant red but only enough to be maintained with a pant liner. I've changed it a few times through the day to see if the flow gets heavier but most of the times I've checked liner has been clean. I've taken two pregnancy test one on day three of being late one today on day 9 both were negative. I've been on the implant birth control for 3 years but it expired April of this year (4/17) and I have not had it removed yet. Ive been bloated for about 4 days and my breast have been very tender and feel full but I've only had some cramping today. I don't believe I am pregnant due to the negative test but I still have not had a real period so could I possibly be pregnant!?