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I'm pretty certain it's a really bad yeast infection. I've had one partner for 3 years now. I had a yeast infection before but he said it didn't 'effect him' and so he refused to eat yogurt when I was eating yogurt.

Now we both have redness, swelling, itching, irritation. I have the cottage cheese thing going on, but I also have new sympthoms I have never experienced before.

I am 26 and I have had about 2 yeast infections a year since I was 16.

Here is the strange part of my symptoms.
A strange and persistant tickling feeling inside my vagina. It goes away when I scratch with my nails but returns in about 2 hours. I know scratching infections is very, very bad but I'm a wuss and when it bothers me I scratch.

When I scratch, I get turned on, but I ignore it because it really hurts and is sore, but relieved after I scratch.

The lumps of cottage cheese that I remove with my nails are hard like small beads of glass.

I have been eating yogurt regularly 1 oz. every 6-9 hours, for the past 3 days. It seems to help a little bit and the cheese turns a little more towards milky, and gets softer around mid-afternoon/night time but after a night's rest I wake up scratching out hard white beads. I would describe it as white cheese without the cottage.

Smell, smells strongly like sharp cheddar cheese, showering, rinsing off the outside of my vagina does not help!

Periodic pain in the lower abdomen.

The yogurt does not at all agree with my stomach, which alternately feels either on fire, nauseating, or ice cold. But I keep eating it until I can get into see my doc, another 3 days of waiting.

The infection has been going on for the past 4 days, and started within 48 hours of taking Plan B.

The tickling sensation is almost as maddening as suffering from scabies for 8 months and being treated with snake oils from Nurse Practioner's who cannot identify a simple skin parasite infection. Almost. If you've ever suffered from scabies you'll know, and if you haven't, stay far, far away from dead squirrels. Your simply better off not handling or looking at out of curiosity (in my case) the cute little red fluffy thing your cat brought in.

But that was over 2 years ago now, and it took going to an allergy specialist to break the case. He took one look at me, said he didn't want to touch me because he didn't want to catch it, looked at the painful red abraisions all over my skin caused by the millions of little buggers, clucked his tongue and perscriped a special lotion to kill them. It worked and I was happy.

Sorry, I completely digressed there, it still bugs the hell out of me that the nurses never got the right diagnosis. Suffice to say, I don't trust nurses anymore and I insist on seeing a doctor when something's wrong.

But I would like to get an opinion before I go to see a doctor to open up some ideas as to what the hell could be wrong here.


I hate nurses!!! I wouldn't trust them to tie my shoes.