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I have been suffering with an aweful itch all over my arms, my belly, and the top of my legs.  My dr. says it is a yeast infection, Never had this prob before,  any suggestions?   I scratch, scratch my arms until they are sores, and bruised around the muscle part of my arm.  Any help would be appreciated!!



Itch can be part of a rash, like eczema, drug reaction, scabies or even severely dry skin, to name a few or just be skin itching (pruritus without a rash).  Since it is unlikely for a yeast infection to occupy all the body areas you described (other than in rare congenital disorders), most likely this is not a yeast infection.

You need an evaluation by a dermatologist to determine what is causing your itch.  If there is no rash with this severe itching, you need a workup for a systemic (internal) cause of itching.  The list of these causes is long, including allergies, thyroid problems, anemia, liver or kidney disease, diabetes, intestinal parasites, lymphoma and a host of other conditions.  A workup includes a good medical history and physical examination, bloodwork, a chest xray, stool and urine tests.  Please see your doctor as soon as possible to be evaluated for this condition.

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