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I have Cystic Mastitis, low sensitivity to pain, and no 1st degree or even 2nd degree (like my cousins)  history of breast cancer. 1st mammogram I ever had and it was uncomfortable, had to go back for diagnostic one (uncomfortable only), and sonogram due to cyst on breast I acquired after childbirth that I was already aware of. No problem. 17 years elapse. .

No problems or symptoms but for  mammogram again at different facility.  1st mammogram she does here is very painful. Request another tech, she tells me she's the only one. She was told by me to loosen it, make it lower etc. very loudly and emphatically. She barely complied. Gritted my teeth, got through it. I consider her sadistic. 

The office calls  me to come back for sonogram and I was assured it was a sonogram only so I went. Come to find out they lied. Ms. Sadist comes and says she must do another that first one wasn't clear.  I tell her I am only to have a sonogram. She insists I HAVE  to get this done. I reluctantly agree. She sets me up in it, she reluctantly only does minor adjustment. (1.) I yell and demand she loosed it, she claims she can't and strolls over and sits at the console controls. I am even standing more on my tiptoes than usual. The pain is excruciating. (2.) I yell even louder in a deep commanding voice to stop, this turn it off. She again says she can't  ---  has to get good picture. She clicks pic  as I am (3.) REALLY yelling and actually shaking my other arm and hand at her at her, to shut it off, get me out of here. She releases from the machine. I am incensed at her and the abuse and have been totally violated and humiliated. I feel at times almost dizzy.

I get the scheduled sonogram done. Before I leave I walk behind the front desk and ask for a Mgr. I start to tell a woman who claims to be an Office Mgr. at the front desk what happened.  She of course takes me aside as their were other patients in the waiting area. She does sound somewhat sincere when she apologizes. However, she tells me it's correct that that Tech is the only one at the facility, but that when I make my appt. next year to tell them and they will have a Tech from the other location come in that day to do it. She claims she can't she can't tell me the Tech's name. She could care less, all she is concerned about $, and attempting to keep a customer. I would not wish this on an enemy. Before driving home I consider calling the police to report it and press charges--but no witnesses, no pictures, and no video.

Lately, I may have gotten her name but she's just an R-ray Tech Asst. so her license doesn't show on the State Licensing Bureau's Website,  however the Facility Doctor's license shows.


Mammograms are a huge business. Doctors get money each time that they prescribe one. They damage your breast tissue and deform it forever. Women should not need a reconstructive surgery after that. The Ultrasound is more effective in finding cancer, but it is cheaper and does not provide as much profits. Secondly in order to scan all your breast the ultrasound would have to be done for one hour on each breast. Because we live in a patriarcal society our concerns, and pain are of not interest. Why to schedule women for ultrasounds when Mammograms are done faster and provide more profit? Imagine the time needed to have your breast fully examined by an ultrasound. One hour each breast. They would loose money. People have to be more proactive and involved in politics to push for a change that could regard women with respect. The medical system allows for the violation of our rights.