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I am a vegetarian and I eat quite a lot of soya - soya sauce, soya milk, tofu... Another friend of mine who is a yoga instructor said that soya is bad for you and that she stopped eating it because of the apparent side effects. So, what are the side effects of soya? Can someone give me some facts about soya?


Hello joceline,

Actually, soy can be bad for you especially if you eat a lot of it or are sensitive to it.  The major component involved here is soy isoflavones.  These molecules carry estrogen-like properties.  Some experiments have demonstrated that soy isoflavones can increase the production of estrogen receptors.  These isoflavones can increase the risk of breast cancer.  They can cause food allergies which can create gastrointestinal upset.  these molecules are also known to generate migraine headaches.  I suppose some soy is okay but not too much really just like anything else.  The key is moderation.  Isoflavones are found in most plant materials however they have slightly different structure.