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Dieters tend to stay hungry due to reduced food intake. New research data show that addition of soups to the diet may improve satiation and help in controlling the intake of calories.

The main problem encountered by dieters is, not surprisingly, hunger. Although this is often considered an unavoidable evil, new research shows that some foods help people stay satiated longer even on a diet with lower calories. It appears that soups can be an effective element of weight-loss diets that extends the period of satiation and thus indirectly reduces further food intake.

Soups May Be An Answer To Satiation Problems

Reducing food intake to lose weight be a challenge as you may feel hungry after every restricted meal. Apart from different food items, soups have often been listed as one of the main foods which should be in your weight loss diet chart. But again with so many varieties of soups to choose from, one may wonder if the creamy soups or plain soups fit in the diet chart.

Research has revealed that consuming two servings of non-creamy or low energy dense soups per day improves satiety (a feeling of fullness after meal), thus resulting in the intake of fewer calories during the day.

During one study, a women were divided into two groups. One group was asked to eat solid chicken and vegetables with a glass of water and the other group was asked to drink soup made from the same amount of chicken, vegetables and water. The results? Researchers observed that the group of women who ate soup consumed 100 fewer calories at lunchtime.

It is also believed that when we drink water with our meals, the body takes it to satisfy our thirst and not our hunger but when we eat soup our body handles it like any other solid food. No wonder that eating soup is often given as a top diet tip.

Another study in which adults were given a bowl of soup 15 to 20 minutes before their meal or as a first course meal showed that they consumed 20 percent fewer calories during their main course. Consuming soup before a major meal is a normal approach in many traditional diets, and modern research clearly confirms that there is wisdom behind it.

Soups For Weight Loss

Feeling full on fewer calories is what the energy density talks are about. Foods which are high in water such as fruits, vegetables, soups and so on are all high volume but lower in energy density. There are many studies that indicate that energy density of a food is directly related to the calorie intake, satiety and overall body weight.

Not all soups are low in calories. When on a diet or a weight loss program, it is better to avoid all rich cream-based soups like cream of tomato or cream of mushroom, as well as soups with noodles, cheese or any other high calorie toppings. Instead, one should opt for low calorie soups such as vegetable, carrot, tomato, chicken or mushroom. You may want to add up your soup with carrots for potassium and vitamin A, barley, a whole grain rich in niacin, lentils rich in iron or chicken breast that provides vitamin B-12.

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