Obesity is a very serious condition and it’s confirmed by a number of studies that it’s even more dangerous then smoking and has a great influence on the duration of people’s lives. A new study found that people who are seriously overweighted can reduce life expectancy by about 13 years while smoking reduces life expectancy by about 10 years.

According to researchers it’s very likely that obesity increases risk of type 2 diabetes by 70%, about 30% for strokes and 20% for coronary diseases. Researchers also warn that the amount of certain cancers will rise too.

Main problem is that the great majority of adult people is already overweighted and that it’s considered to be normal state. This is all happening because of cheep unhealthy food and because of consumer society that encourages people to eat it. All of this is requires a major culture change because obesity is getting worse every day.

For now there is no solution for this problem in a short period of time. This is a very serious condition and things that could be done to change it are: controlled availability of unhealthy food and drink, restricted advertising of unhealthy ingredients in food such as trans fat and more discussions about this problem in media.