On Feb 7th I fractured my patella while simply taking a step down some stairs. I was in an imobilizing brace with no weight bearing for 4 weeks. I started PT on March 11th. When I saw my Ortho DR. on April 23rd, x-rays showed that the fracture is healed and I asked if I could do the PT exercises on my own at home b/c it is very costly to go to the facility. Well, PT called my Dr. to find out why I cancelled my appts. They are not happy (I think b.c of $$ ) I am able to go to a fitness trainer for 1/2 the cost of PT but I am not exactly sure of what I can and can not do at this point. I have not met with her yet and since a fractured patella is not exactly normal, perhaps she will not be sure of the right course to take. (Am thinking - an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure :-) )) In therapy, I was on a recumbant bicycle for 10 minutes and I can do the aerobic work out on a WII fit. I am not sure how to go about resistant exercises ?? Any suggestions would be very appreciated. I also have spinal spondylolisthesis.