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About a year ago i dislodged my patella whilst playing soccer. I was given physio to gradually move the patella back to its place. After the treatment had finished i was diagnosed with Hypermobile patella, which i have no idea of what it is. They said because of this my knee would be prone to dislocations at the time i thought you know whatever i just want to get back to playing sport and strengthing my knee. But now after months of training and a skiing holiday its obvious my knee is not as strong as it was. It aches after exercise and sometimes needs to be clicked or snapped to release pain. As the new season is about to start i needed to know if you have any advice or information for me?? Thanks


[color = blue] This question is relevant to my situation. I was hit by a truck while riding down the street in my wheel chair. Where can I find the answer? S ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** private e-mails not allowed **
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