Hello, I wonder if I could get any advice concerning double arthroscopy and bilateral release. I had a accident in '92 at school where I was told that I had badly bruised both knee, then in 2007 I dislocated my right kneecap which I hadn't fully recovered from. Because of the pain I developed a habit of transferring more weight to my left leg as I was walking, which then caused problems in that leg. In Oct' 2010 I had Arthroscopy and bilateral release on both knees, as a result my left knee is about 95% recovered with an odd clicking from time to time which can be painful. As for my right knee, I have muscle degeneration in quads, locking frequently, hamstring is tight giving me a range of -12 deg from straight. Have had MRI, but results showed nothing unusual apart from a little excess fluid around the knee. I am attending an Advanced Rehab Physio course which includes Hydrotherapy, and have been for the last 7 weeks.

I have been told that I still have below average muscle strength in quads. An idea was discussed by the physio that I may have a piece of debris floating underneath the knee which the MRI couldn't see. The pain can only be described as a sharp stabbing that is weird in that it feels as if something is pushing from the inside of the knee out, and it moves within the knee from time to time. Any ideas where I go from here please?

P.S I have also had cupping done to my hamstring today, so I am still abit sore but I can update soon.