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I'm not sure what I'm looking for so I'll just tell you what's going on symtoms and all.

Last year I had no period for 4 months and had some pregnancy symptoms, mainly just a missed period, but a neg test. I went to the obgyn and told not pregnant to start taking birth control pills to 'kick start' my period.

I talked to a friend, who is a obgyn nurse, about what I was told. She said not to take the pills he'd prescribed because it would cause me to have very heavy bleeding and almost labor like cramps. I just needed some time to let my body adjust to growing older and new hormone levels. If I still didn't have a period in about 6 weeks then I should consider taking the pills. About 2 weeks later I got my period without aid of pills. Unfortunately I didn't stop bleeding for 6 months. I was monitored for anemia, which never developed, but was told nothing could be done about the bleeding until it stopped.

Well when it stopped, the Dr ran a huge battery of tests and found nothing. My periods went back to the way they'd always been for about 5 months. Then I came down with pneumonia and found out that I was literally on death's door with anemia. I'm on a high dose of niferex because I'm allergic to the sulfate in ferrous sulfate to combat the anemia.

I had a tubal ligation 8 years ago. I'm 37 years old. I'm 1 week late with a negative preg test, the difference between this missed period and the last time I missed is that my breasts feel very heavy, and beyond tender to the point that I cringe at the thought of wearing a bra or a shirt touching them. There is a very waxy, thick discharge from my breasts every once in a while, but just a drop or two.

When I was pregnant with my 1st child, every preg test I took was neg, including the blood test at the obgyn. Even my obgyn was suspicious and had an ultrasound done while I was there. Surprise! There was a baby in there after all, he just didn't want to be found. He's 10 years old now.

My second child was a complete surprise also because I went in to do pre-op blood work for a hysterectomy to stop extremely heavy bleeding, get rid of huge fibroids that were causing pain during intercourse, and bleeding in between periods. My doctor came out and said he'd have to put off my surgery for about 9 months. I didn't get it at first so he added "Because that is when your baby is due."

Fast forward 9 months. 1 Emergency c-section because of prolapsed cord, and we discover the fibroids are gone so we put off the hysterectomy indefinitely, but do a tubal anyway. My second son is 8.

No here I am again with weird symptoms. I don't take birth control because they cause me to be nauseated, irritable, and tired, and in my mindthere's no reason to take them because my tubes are tied.

I just recently had my thyroid checked and it was within normal range, in fact everything was normal except my iron, which is being taken care of.
Any ideas? ?


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