Recently diagnosed with Superor Semicanal Dehiscence via CT, have been symptomatic   for quite a few years.  Also battled Cholesteatoma, have had a few surgeries. Scheduled for my VEMP test on 06Dec2012 and then will go over options with doc. Concerned, yes!  Worried about potential surgery, worried about surgery procedure, scar- worried about recovery time....If the diagnosis has been observed on the CT what am I really to expect from the VEMP, what might it show? I work for Univeristy of Cincinnati at the Department of Neurology and Movement Disorder for Parkinson's Disease......In a good place, but after been instructed by my physician to read up on the my syndrome and treatment, it scared me....Seems to be not such a pleasant procedure, a wee bit radical....Some advice would be lovely??????:-):$

Have not advised work at the moment

Thanks, in advance, MichelleKY