Hello, I am 49 now, and I was officially diagnosed with MS April, 1991. I began Betaseron in 1995. Switched to Copaxone in 2001. IVIG monthly along with Copaxone beginning February, 2006. I ceased to have periods about 4-5 years ago. I have been preparing for the Tysabri treatment (meaning that I have not had any medication for 3 months). I also have had a baclofen pump inserted July this year. (quicky info, I began to experience menopausal symptoms -night sweats and hot flashes in the mid-90's)
I began to have vaginal bleeding on October 29, 2006. Contact was made to my neurologists' office and his nurse told me that there was no way that any of the meds - copaxone, IVIG, aricept - that I was on could have interferred with my cycling.
Imagine my surprise last weekend. Is there any information out there? Something that I should know? Dawn