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About six months ago my doctor put me on some birth control pills (YAZ) to regulate my periods... I realized that shortly after I started feeling like I was having panic attacks (they were scary; it felt hard to breathe, though no physical symptoms really), and over the course of a few months, my feelings got worse... the only thing I could associate this with was the pill, so I told my doctor and he had me come off of it. The panic attacks decreased significantly, but they were replaced instead by this swollen feeling in my throat. I've been off and on feeling like there is either something stuck in my throat, or that it is really swollen... it makes it feel like it's hard to swallow. There is NO pain... it's just really irritating and sometimes scary because it often feels like my throat will close up and obstruct my breathing. I've tried everything I can to make it go away, but there's nothing really I can do about it. My doctor had me do a thyroid ultrasound and a soft tissue neck X-ray, but everything seemed fine. They suggested allergies (sinus drainage) or acid reflux. I don't really have a history of acid reflux or GERD or anything like that, but I do have a bit of a history of anxiety attacks (mostly with these though, I just felt nauseous). I just read about Globus Hystericus and I think this might be a possibility... could this be what it is?



I was a smoker for many years and I quit a very long time ago. One of the reasons was that My throat always felt like it was struggling to swallow. After many attempts at quitting I was surprised that the feeling of having something "stuck" in my throat remained. Sometimes it felt like a popcorn kernel was stuck in there. I've had everything shoved, poked, rammed, x-rayed down there but the proverbial kitchen sink. I think the Chinese refer to it as "plumb throat" hence the feeling of having a plumb stuck in your throat.  I have anxiety problems which I had never thought of as being an illness. I also have a fun thing called Spasmodic Torticollis where I have little to no control over my throat muscles, and had Botox for 17 years to help a little. It would not be right for me to say what medication I take because of the nature of my multiple conditions. I can say however that I have had a little success with acupuncture on the area. Each condition is worsened by anxiety, or triggered by each other.

So, like many others that would love to give you the magic pill or the perfect doctor or Neurologist, my thoughts are with you. I would love to be free of this monster but all I can do is to try to curb my anxiety even if I`m only a small percentage better.

Oh, by the way, I tried drinking single malt scotch 26 ounces or more per day for two years and it was pretty bearable along with the medication. The problem was that I can`t remember those two years and I`m very happy that I had a daughter that cared enough to get me to stop drinking entirely. She is the best medication I ever had.