I've had Excessive Mucus in my Throat for many years. It all started when I had a bad cold at the age of 16. I've had the mucus in my throat ever since. I'm now 26 years old. when started wasn't that bad i felt once while or after 4 months feel flu or post nasal drip but slowly became cronic and now i suffer every single day .That is a long time to suffer.I have to constantly clear my throat because I feel that I will be unable to speak or even breathe if I don't. It feels like there is a glob of mucus just hanging right where my vocal cords and wind pipe are. There are times when it isn't as bad and then there are times when I feel I will choke on it. I've done all kind of diet told by naturalphathic doctors, I don't even have to eat dairy products or drink milk for it to happen.That's why I don't think it is a lactose intolerance or allergy.Now basically i eat only raw vegtables and soups or organic meat. I don't have heartburn or any other acid reflux symptom that I can think of.i went to an ear, nose and throat specialist and all he did was give me medicine that didn't work. I wish I could find a doctor who would be willing to find out what is causing it instead of giving me medicine that doesn't work and send me out the door. If anyone out there can shead some light on this problem I would appreciate it so much!(note: i have done almost all kind of test ct scan,allergy blood test, expansive stool test,gerd etc )