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Recently sustained a laceration of the forearm, approximately 4" long, through skin and layers of muscle. Required cauterization of blood vessels and repair of muscles as well as stitching to close. 18 stitches internally, and another 18 externally.

No pain or swelling at site of injury, but moderate pain and swelling at the wrist. No bruising, just swelling.

Need info on why swelling is occurring and how to reduce or eliminate it.


Hi there,

You have to understand that the swelling is an often side effect when you have a laceration of your arm. Your 18 stitches are not small and you have to understand that your wound is not small one. It is interesting that you have no pain at the injury site but on your wrist. This can indicate that your wrist has suffered a lot also during your injury. You need to try to lower the swelling with the ice or some anti-inflammatory medication. You need to talk to your doctor about the swelling and the appropriate medication. I hope that this was helpful in any way.


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