About 22 months ago a heavy door fell onto my right lower forearm (onto the muscle area about 6 inches down from the underside of elbow.
At the time of the event there appeared no obvious injury (redness/ bruising etc) until the pain began about 24 hours later.

The movement of walking causes pain (feels like nerve pain radiatiating down to my wrist. I have to stop after 6-8 minutes and rest until the pain subsides.
I can proform activities (WITHOUT PAIN) with my arm bent upwards from the elbow, while standing still or sitting down.
I am gaining weight (albeit slowly with curtailed diet)-unable to persue long term 'likable' exercizes of swimming & dancing.
I had a reaction to inflammatory treatments.
I take paracetamol and use analgesic ointment.
Had MRI scan=NAD
Also Electric wires Nerve test =name unknown =NAD.

Any ideas please what my problem could be?