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Hello, I'm a 24 year old female. I moved home on the 14th november and in the evening I noticed that my right arm had swollen up from my wrist to my shoulder almost instantaneously. I had thought it may be an allergy (although I do not have any allergies that I know of) or a bite. The swelling reduced and was left with an aching pain in my right shoulder which dissapated after a couple of days. I did not think anything of it until yesterday. I came home and did some light exercises with some very light weights (dumbells), stretches etc. I noticed that my shoulder was aching and my arm feeling heavy, I looked down at my right arm and it was swollen from my wrist to shoulder, feeling very heavy and under pressure. I drank some water and went to the walk-in medical centre who advised me to see my gp and take pain killers. The doctor in the walkin centre moved my arm about. Although the whole arm was tender to touch the shoulder and back of shoulder (blade) was very painful, burning muscle pain and this went in an arch up to the bottom of my neck. when the gp put pressure on my wrist it triggered more pain in my shoulder. Once home I elevated my arm. My arm swelled up again before I went to sleep.
I have signed up to a new gp today and had an appointment. He moved my arm about and advised me to come back in one week. I am slightly concerned as my arm is still swollen, when I turn my arm over my forearm is swollen when compared to my left arm and my upper arm is very tender and feels very under pressure, my uppper arm has a lot of muscle pain.
Does anyone have any ideas of what this can be? My new gp advised me to take ibruprofen but I have IBS and this may trigger it, although to be honest I have just taken some ibruprofen as right now I'll do anything to alleviate the aching. I'm sure you can imagine this is of concern to me.

Things possibly to note, I do work in an office as a caseworker and type all day, often I get shooting pains through my fingers and up into my wrist
I do carry a heavy handbag on my right shoulder regularly

Thank you very much,


my foe arm and elbow is doing the same. i cant find an answer. my elbow swelled first,then the swelling moved to my fore arm over night.