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hx skin ca with post op rt hand surgery stitches removed x 1 mo ago it continues with a minimal opening and continued weeping , no redness or swelling at site . it is a bad spot on the hand which has continued movement so the area continues to not heal properly. what would be the best thing to help stop the continued weeping ? IT is covered all day with a bandage but continus to weep, surgeon looked at it stated it was ok .


Hi there,

It seems to me that doctors didn’t do something right because your wound is not heaing properly. How long has this been going on? It is interesting that you don’t have any swelling on the site because this is usually accompanied with the swelling. Have you been using any medication in past period? I know that you might be able to use some pain killers and the antibiotics, but you should avoid any blood thinners because they will not help you with the healing of the wound. You should talk to your doctor again about this and see what can be done. I hope that this helped you in any way.


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