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I've had a swollen ear lobe about 48 hours now, no trauma. it feels hard, but I can tell there is some fluid, It's so bad I just stabbed it with a small 26 g needle and squeezed, I could only get bright red blood out, with no relief. What do I do next. big ear


Hello there,

Do you know what is causing your swollen ear lobe? Have you maybe had it pierced? The treatment of the swollen ear lobe usually depends on the cause. Sometimes it is needed to seek medical attention and sometimes you can treat yourself at home. If the cause is an infection you will have to see your doctor. Sometimes swelling can appear during an insect bite and this isn’t dangerous but you need to watch out for the other symptoms such as high fever.

If you have drainage and you feel warmth around your lobe and high fever you could be suffering from the infection of the inner ear and for this you will have to call your doctor.