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First of all, I'd like to say thanks for providing this very nice forum available for everyone.

OK, so I've been having this problem for a while, and I'm pretty sick of it now.

I've been randomly getting these lumps/bumps (pimple size) on my lower ear lobe, the most flabby portion of the ear. It may appear elsewhere, but it's primarily here. A lot more occasionally than never, they hurt, especially once they've just evolved. The pain is a lot more obvious of course when touched/pressed. These bumps usually do not appear on the surface..but when they are, they are kinda like pimples, I'm pretty sure they are though. They disappear after a couple of days usually, leaving a painless bump/lump behind.. The insides of the lower lobe now feel very uneven. It's supposed to be just cartilage or something inside, right? There just seem to be remains here and there of these lumps.

I've noticed it appears more occasionally as well after getting out of bed, particularly when I sleep on my ear (hey i can't control how I sleep -- i don't know)

In any case, I'll be 25 this year, and I live in Malaysia. So warm climate if that means anything. I still have acne/pimples and they are annoying to me. Makes me wonder if these bumps are pimples.. feels like pimples to me though.

OK, anyways, I'm sick of these bumps and definitely sick of pimples too. What should I do? I hope I've given sufficient information.


i have the exact same thing as you except i do not think mine hurts as much. i have read alot about this and got some advice from family and i think you have nothing to worry about. I am going to do this tomorrow and i suggest you do the same. I plan to moisten a towel with very warm water for about ten minutes and then try to squeeze out the puss. If you do not want to do that i would say to just go to a doctor and they will freeze it and then poke a needle to get the puss out.