After stumbling upon this site, I cannot leave without letting people know whats happened to their body after tummy tuck. Im 1997, I was 29 and had a mini tummy tuck with liposuction. Immediately afterwards, I had upper belly bloat and hardening by belly button. It felt like !y intestines had been pushed upwards so i could have flatter lower abs. It was NOT what i had expected but with exercise and diet, I was able to deal. Fast forward 22 urs and I cannot take it anymore. As you age, the distortion and bloating only get worse. The past 5 yrs I have been researching hernias, GERD, and every reason under the sun for the cause of upper abdomen distention. CAT SCANS, ultrasounds, still no one could find a reason. I was told by my Primary Care doc that I was just "getting fat". Ummmm.....ok No. Unacceptable.  I finally went to see a plastic surgeon and was told the cause immediately! I wil be having a reverse tummy tuck/abdominopasty this August. I have let it go so long ...22yrs, that at this point I will soon be in danger of organs coming through the muscles and tissue. SURGERY IS THE ONLY WAY TO FIX THIS!!!!

Please do your research and dont wait. This uper abdominal swelling, bloating whatever is a direct result of my tummy tuck. My surgeon said very few people really need a tummy tuck. What they need is a reverse tummy tuck because the lower abs are only tightened in a conventional tummy tuck leaving the upper abs to protrude. I hope this helps someone. I have read the messages on this topic and I had no idea soooo many others were going through the same thing. GOD BLESS. AND GOOD LUCK.