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Over the last 8 days or so ive been experencing various symptoms and i wanted someones advice please.

Ive been feeling both twinging and pain in my lower abdomen on the right hand side, level with my hip bone but about 2 inches towards my belly button. Constant lower back pain of various degrees and strange sleeping patterns. Im sleeping for prolonged periods of time, up to 17 hours waking up and feeling exhausted after one to 2 hours and sleeping again. My partner says im impossible to wake up even when shaken.
Two nights ago the pain in my lower abdomen reached a creshendo and i was in agony, the width of my belly hurt like something inside was about to rip apart and i broke out into a sweat all over. even my ankles were sweating then i went light headed and collapsed.

I really dont want to go through that again, and although it's not happened since im still concerned.
As of yet i havnt been to a doctor as i am not registered and i dont want to panic and go to a hospital if it's not that serious.

Could someone please offer some advice or possible cause for the symptoms.

Thank you in advance. x


You absolutely need to see a doctor. This sounds like it could be something serious, a possible infection. When someone sleeps a lot and still feels exhausted, accompanied with pain, this is usually an infection. Go to the emergency room ASAP.