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I'm a 17 year old female, and I've had a small (peanut sized) moveable, painless lump above my right collar bone for the past 5 months or so. It swelled up a lot first back in September after my annual flu shot, and was extremely painful and swelled to the size of a large marble. I'm not sure if it was present before this flu shot, but ever since then it has been omnipresent above my clavicle- although now much smaller, nontender and moveable. It is still very palpable when I move my shoulder back, pulling my clavicle back too and exposing pushing the hollow of my collar bone out. When i do this, the lump is easily and painlessly moveable (i.e. you can press it, it moves around, but is still "rooted" to the same spot above the middle of my clavicle).

I went to my GP last week, and she said that whilst she could feel it once or twice, it "kept disappearing" and she couldn't properly feel for it. I insisted that it be checked out, but she was far more interested in my apparently "full feeling" thyroid- when in actual fact I just happen to have a naturally large thyroid gland with nothing biologically wrong with it at all. I'm not satisfied that the lump- or as I suspect it to be, the swollen supraclavicular lymph node- has been properly investigated by her, though.

Should I get a second opinion? This lump/node is aggravating me to the extent that I cannot focus on my A Levels at all, and I am constantly preoccupied with it. From what I've read online about this node being notoriously characteristic of several cancers, I'm very worried. Am I being hypochondriacal here or is it worth the second look?


I have the exact same issue and my doctor ordered a ct scan with contrast immediately. She was not worried but, stated it is best to check this. i am thinking it is a cyst or perhaps swollen from a cold or the likes. I have no illnees, cancer etc......Still waiting for the results.