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For the last 8-9 weeks i've been increasingly unwell, started with terrible itching all over my body then i found a swollen lymph node - hard and painful under my ear followed by weeks of migraine headaches.

The doctor did some blood tests but they came back ok, then i find a swelling on my collar bone, soft but painful. I wake up in the morning feeling ok, my lymph nodes swollen but not overly so, by the time i've been up for about 2 hours I am dizzy, nauseus, weak, so tired I can barely walk and my lymph nodes have swollen significantly.

The one on my collar bone swells to the size of a golf ball! The doctor says it must be a virus and to wait it out, but I don't know what to do, its making life a bit hard, being dizzy, sick, in pain all the time. What could this be? I'm desperate. o.O


Two weeks ago I fought a cold with congestion, coughing, and sneezing. It was rather minor, and since I'm healthy, I fought it off in less than a week.

Last week, I noticed that parts of my body were becoming very itchy....the side of my left bicept, my left ear, and the left side of the bottom of my nose. All were very targeted sources of itchiness and did not spread to other parts. I still have the itchiness.

A day after I noticed the itchiness, I found that a lymph node (under my left ear where my jaw ends) became swollen and tender to touch. Three days later the lymph node stopped hurting and now (a whole week later) the lymph node is almost back to normal size.

I do not feel ill.

Should I be concerned?