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I had unprotected sex 3 yrs ago in 2011. Around a year later 2012 I start to have an itch on my penis foreskin, the itch was quite bad then after some scratching it will swell (becomes puffy) and crack with some yellowish liquid coming out and it sticks to my underwear. I didnt have any fever or any other symptoms.

Currently, it seems like its recurring and I also have some itch on my scrotum and anus area and the usual eczema places (Back of knee cap, hands, feet). The itchy areas on my scrotum and anus have no bumps... its just itch.

I have Eczema 10 years ago and I still have it. Currently, I still have multiple itchy events throughout the year and I've been applying Betasone Cream on the areas and it will usually subside very quickly in a few hours after I apply the cream.

I would like to add that the swelled up area does not look like blisters or anything with liquid inside. It just puffy, extremely itchy and when it recovers its exactly the way it is with probably just a little reddish skin.

1. Can it be Herpes? Does my Betasone cream help to ease Herpes symptoms?

2. Does Betasone help Belanitis also? Bcos it really seems to work everytime i apply on it.

3. Does Belanitis explain the reason of the itch on my scrotum and sides of my anus?

4. Can I also check which aspects of my conditions do you think its Belanitis instead of Herpes? (I am really very worried and stressed up.)

Kindly advice pls. Thank you.


Hi Kenlee,

See your doctor for an exam.  We can't tell what is happening without one.

The yellowish liquid could be a sign of infection or just from the healing process.

Do you mean Bestasone?

1.  You don't indicate having common symptoms or signs of herpes.

2.  Bestasone can help with the itching.

3.  Not likely.  Balanitis is generally referring to the foreskin.

4.  It may not be either balanitis or herpes.  Again, without an exam we can't tell.

Please see your doctor.



Hi Medic-dan,

1. Can you tell me more about the symptoms or signs of herpes as the information I get online is really stressing me out...

2. I plan to do a test tmr and will have to wait for results. I am using Betasone cream (for eczema-aka Betamethasone) and it will subside the itch and the swell in just a couple of hours. If it is really Herpes, does Betasone (eczema cream) help to subside the conditions so fast?

3. How long does Herpes conditions last?

4. How long does Balanitis conditions last?

Thank you.


As to Balanitis, how long it lasts depends on the cause. It can be from soaps, poor hygiene, infection, even diabetes. It usually heals fairly quickly.

For herpes, it's a virus and there is no cure. The initial symptoms are usually "blisters." These blisters then break and leave craters that can takes weeks to heal. You might have flu-like symptoms too. The virus will remain dormant in your body and occasionally you'll have outbreaks and these blisters will reappear but usually won't be as severe as the first time.


Hi Medic-dan,

Ok I will still see a doctor tmr. I dont have any blisters, all i rem was a white spot on my penile shaft 1 week back and I tried to break it but theres no liquid, basically nothing but it left an injured white scar. I never had any blisters and craters on my penis.

Thank you and feel free to let me know if you come up with something.


Hi kenlee207:

The yellowish liquid may be pus, which would indicate an infection. See your doctor.