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hi everyone, i recently took a HPT and it came up negative but i had been very thirsty the day i did it so i had drank more than normal.
these past few days i've felt very bloated rather tired and just abit lathargic in general... are these possible pregnancy symptoms?
also i did the test about 5 weeks after i could have possible concived and didnt miss a period, ive had 2 periods since the date of unprotected sex....
any feedback is appreciated thanks all (:


hi there.

yes, those are pregnancy symptoms and some of those usually indicate that you are in the blessed condition.

but also it doesn't have to be.

as you said alone, your test is negative so I think that you don't have reasons to be worried about your pregnancy.

sure, another pregnancy test helps.

blood test helps for sure.

but sometimes it just happens that we "put" those things in our head, it doesn't matter fo we want to have a baby or we are scared.

mind is so powerful and sometimes you can't control it.

really, I think that you don't have reason to be scared.