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As the subject stated I have been having pregnancy symptoms with negative pregnancy test. I mean the whole 9 yards. I.e. lack of period, frequent urination, heartburn, nausea, some vomiting, weight gain, back pain, enlarged/ extremely tender breast, lack of energy/fatigue, and to top it off lactation. It has been almost 10 weeks since my last menstrual period. I have gotten negative urine pregnancy test, a neg blood serum test, i don't seem to have a hormonal imbalance, and don't have PCOS. The symptoms aren't getting any better or going away just becoming more apparent. I am not on birth control, medical reasons, and haven't been in the 3 years my significant other and I have been together so there was reason to believe I could be just pregnant but that has been ruled out. Let me also mention I was not trying to conceive or planning on it. Don't get me wrong if i were pregnant i would consider it a blessing but it wasn't in the planner at this moment.

This is extremely frustrating! One more month of this and I'm likely to chop the breasts off! ;-) I just want to know if anyone else has ever had this problem or knew someone that has. Would appreciate maybe some advice or opinions.


It is very very very rare, but there are instances of women who were pregnant, who had neg urine and blood tests, and the only reason they found out was with an ultrasounds (I actuall work with one). I would say, if it has been 10 weeks since the last period, then you would be considered about 10 weeks, which would show up in a pelvic ultrasound, and at 12 weeks, a heartbeat can be heard with the sonogram machine thingy (don't know what thats called). I would say, forget what they are telling you, demand an ultrasound, and go from there. It will cost a pretty penny if you are not pregnant (if you have insurance, without a doctor referral, it would be an unecessary procedure; but if you turn up preggers, then it would be considered necessary). These symptoms, especially the tender breasts to the point of wanting to cut them off, sounds like pregnancy to me...I don't know of any other "thing" that makes your breasts that sore.

Good luck...keep us posted :-)