I haven't had a period since August... Sept was very light as was Oct and Nov didn't show up at all. I am technically on birth control and have been for a few years, however I have been careless about taking it at the same everyday and have missed it a few times. I have swollen and tender breasts, have gained 6 lbs in a week, become nauseated around certain smells (paint, cleaners, trash), I've been experiencing pressure in my lower abdomen and cravings for Chinese twice this week which is out of character for me. (I'm a very healthy eater and take out is usually a once in a few months treat) I've had headaches and exhaustion that have caused me to spend way more hours sleeping than i normally do as well as feeling extremely emotional and sensitive to things that have never upset me so quickly before if at all. Not to mention heartburn and gas. I went to the health dept in my city and took a urine test that came back negative and I also had a blood test done that came back negative. I took these a week after my missed November period. Also, during this same week of the blood test i donated plasma at a donation center. Could that have tainted the blood results or did i just take the tests too early? I would really like some facts on this considering the Health Dept couldn't really tell me much more. I am young and in college with a wonderful support structure and if I am pregnant I know the father will be there. I'm mostly stressing because of one question.... Why would I feel all these things if I am not pregnant? My belly has even began to stick out a bit... not much but enough for me to notice. Please help .... It would be greatly appreciated.