ok so here's the deal. I am having pregnancy symptoms and it's driving me crazy! I'm dizzy alot, nauseous, headaches, severe fatigue, bloated, no appetite, and sore boobs. I'm not on bc and have 32 day cycle that is like clockwork. I'm not trying to get pregnant so we use condoms, but sometimes we start without one, then put one on. I was 3 days late and when I started bleeding it was only spotting for 2 days, blood was brownish pink. Then I started bleeding heavily and that continued for 2 days and stopped. The heavier blood was very dark and had tons of clots, very unusual for me. So I took a test the day my period shouldve started and another a few days later, both were neg. That was over a week ago and the symptoms persist. The only time Ive ever felt this way was when I was pregnant. So my question is what else could be causing this? I don't " feel" pregnant, just have the symptoms. I don't want to waste more money on tests and I can't go to the dr cause I don't have insurance. I'm not sure what to do.