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I've been told I might have Hodgkins Disease. I have recently developed a rash that itches, but am completely healthy otherwise. Does this make sense? There is no history of this disease in my family history. I have no swollen or inflammed lymph nodes, nor do I have any indication of a lymphatic infection, reaction or disorder. I know the disease is rare, and the cause is unknown, but are doctors playing it safe by simply suggesting this possibility? I've gotten a blood test and X-Ray and am awaiting the results. Can anybody help me as to what else I might look for?



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Hello there skylight!
You may start from studying the risk factors. You are more prone to develop Hodgkin’s if you have somebody in your family suffering from it and if you are male.
If you had ever experienced any illnesses caused by Epstein-Barr virus, you are 4x likely to get the disease than those who haven’t been exposed to this virus.

If your immune system has been suppressed from certain medications ( like for organ transplant) or if you suffer from HIV, you may again be at greater risk.
It is said that environmental exposures play a big role as well.

What kind of tests have you been ordered?
Back to the symptoms…. They often resemble flu symptoms although some people don’t develop classical symptoms. The most common symptoms are enlarged lymph nodes ( mostly in the upper part of the body), fever, fatigue, night sweats, severe itching, loss of appetite and unexplained weight loss.
If HD had involved lymphatic tissue within the abdomen, the abdomen may swollen, and the fluid may build up within the abdominal cavity, and swelling near the intestines may block the normal passage of feces. This can cause abdominal pressure or pain. If lymphoma involves the lymphatic tissue of the thymus, the gland located in front of the heart, it may cause chest pain. If there is pressure on trachea, it can lead to respiratory difficulties such as coughing, fatigue, shortness of breath, etc
When are you getting your first results? What symptoms did make the doctor suspect Hodgkin’s in your case?