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My boyfriend came to my college to see me.

I new that he would be coming down right when I was supposed to start the first of my 5 white inactive Yaz birth control pills.
What I chose to do is, instead of taking the white inactive pills, to just go ahead and start taking the next months pink active pills.

My boyfriend and I had sex 5 times. They were all short b/c we used the "pull-out method" AS WELL as using a new condom each time.

He stayed for 2 whole days and after he left on the third morning I went and got a "plan b (also known as the morning after pill)" and took it before the 72 hours were up.

I had just took my 5th active pill of my new pack (keep in mind that I did not take the 5 inactive pills).

I have not had my period at all.

I took a "first response" pregnancy test and it came back negative. The First Responce pregnancy test is suppossed to tell you if you're pregnant about a few days before your missed period. I took the test after the date ended that I usually had my period. I took it in the middle of the day.

The whole point of this message is to find out answers to my question: Is me missing my period due to the fact that I skipped my white inactive pills and went strait to the next month's active pills, or (even though we used condoms each time and used the pull out method along with new active pills) could I be pregnant (even though the test came back negative)??


To the best of my knowledge at least. =) Im just kidding actually. You missing your period is because you went straight from active pills to active pills without using the inactive ones in between. That was the whole point of that right? So that you didnt have your period during that weekend when your boyfriend was in town? And no, you should not be pregnant. Obviously i CANT promise that, BUT i can tell you that the morning after pill WORKS. As well as you two using a NEW condom for EVERY time you had sex, and then pulling out ON TOP of that, you really should be ENTIRELY fine. If youre still worried about it, obviously you should go to your physician, BUT you could also just call a Yaz hotline, a planned parenthood or a doctors office and ask them. I myself am on yaz and that is what i was told from my boyfriends dad, who is a doctor.