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Thought for sure I was pregnant last month. My period was over two weeks late and I had all the symptoms above. Took 2 preg. tests with negative results. When period finally came... symptoms were much more intensified... crampy, grumpy, tired and my breasts killed.

I've also noticed my glands in my neck under my chin are swollen... so now I'm wondering if there is something hormonal going on.

My breasts are still tender and seem larger than normal. I've been eating more and gaining weight too.

Any ideas???


I had those same symtoms and went to the doctor. They checked my thyroid, which is probly whats swollen under your chin, and found out I had a thyroid problem. The hyroid deals with the hormones in your body so it can screw up your period and much more. If I were you I would make an appointment to see your doctor.