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Tons of people suffering this sh_t, and here's the general outline. Upon possible exposure to HSV to your genitals, the following symptoms appear (but are not limited to):

Constant hypersensitivity and aching pain in testicles, usually with redness of scrotum and sometimes a 'stickiness' to scrotum.

Shoots of pain to tip of penis, described as nerve pain, as well as irritation mostly just at the tip of the penis. Nerve pain can be referred down either leg to the feet and hands mostly.

Deep, throbbing pain in the entire pelvic region ensued sometimes by muscle aches in lower back and legs.

Itching particularly in groin region but can be whole-body, but the itching is not anything like contact dermatitis, and instead feels nerve-related.

Upset stomach, abdominal pains, looser bowel movements and nausea (nausea can be due to hit-in-balls feeling).

Increased sweating and heat generated from pelvic region and entire body, sweat can be 'greasy'.

Especially for the first month- low-grade fever, chills, sore throat, body aches, photosensitivity and general malaise from flu-like symptoms. Shortness of breath.

**Many people seem to suffer very few or none of the dermatological symptoms. All symptoms seem to almost invariably be the most extreme from weeks 1 to 12. May or may not test HSV positive (I'm still blood test negative but gf is positive). May be diagnosed as epididymitis, yeast or other bacterial infection.

If you do not feel any malaise symptoms, please look into epididymitis, pudendal nerve issues, hernias, prostate cancer and testicular cysts and see a doctor for diagnosis.


Please list your own story below as TERSELY as possible (we don't need the personal story of how you were exposed or how you hate your doctors and feel frustrated etc etc) bc we're just trying to get cured here and that makes it difficult to sift thru the common symptoms between stories etc. I will private message anyone who convincingly has it with an email address and they can send me an email if they would like to be included in the list-serve I am creating in order to stay in contact with sufferers and to collect their stories to eventually publish as evidence so we can defeat this thing with the help of doctors and research. Thank you for your time and I hope things get better!


I was wondering if you ever found out what you were diagnosed with, I've been diagnosed with Hsv2 but I want to get tested again bcuz it was a low positive, only 1.5, plus I never had any "outbreaks"


I have the redness of the scrotum and the shooting nerve pain in the tip of my penis (only the left side for some reason), but I do not have any of the severe flu symptoms and body aches you described. Additionally, I had a small bump on my scrotum that every doctor identified as a skin tag. I bought the diagnosis until this bump became painful to the touch 7 months later. Even the fabric of my underwear would irritate the bump. It has since come off during routine grooming, but that spot is still painful to the touch. My condition seems to flare up every 2 or 3 months, but that bump never went anywhere until it came off during grooming. Please email me if you found out anything about your condtion in the past 2 years and if you think it is related to what I have. I tested HSV negative at the week, month, and three month mark of the sexual encounter I contracted this disease from. I have also tested negative for every other STD. I am at the 7 month mark now and I would like to know what is going on. Any information or treatment advice would be greatly appreciated. 



I have had a lot of these symptoms for the last 3 months, itching groin, pain in abdomen, sometimes runs down into testis, sometimes is as high as my lower rib cage. Red sore penis shaft on left side, and sore on left top under the head. I get a lot more pimples on my thighs than I have before- very itchy. Have had a sore throat on and off, fatigue on and off, stomach cramps, energy is low, sometimes dizzy. Pimples on and inside my nose, dry lips, itchy under one armpit. Tested for all stds- negative at 1 week, 1 month and awaiting 3 month results. Doc thinks it's dermatitis. ( I don't think it is..)
When it's at it worst I get pain shooting up my penis shaft to the head, kind of sharp and throbbing. If my penis is erect it feels like it has spikey hairs digging into the shaft if it's rubbed.
It sounds like HSV when I read about it, but the person who I have the symptoms from denies she has any symptoms at all. Says she's been checked regularly. (I don't know if I believe her)
I have no obvious lesions or cuts, and the swab test on the pimples on my thighs were negative too.
Antifungal cream kind of helps on my groin, I got given a steroid cream to try, but it makes me feel sticky and itchy and burny at the same time and if I move a lot it seems to feel worse.
I hope this stops soon.

Anyone have any advice?