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Hey guys,

A little bit of background, I had this bump originally for a while now and it’s about an inch below my scrotum but still a couple inches away from my anus. It was never really that big so I never bothered. The last time I had sex was a month ago in which I had anal and oral performed on me. A couple of days ago, this bump increased a lot in size so I decided to lance it and a mixture of blood and pus came outt. It’s ok now and isn’t a bump anymore, but a few hours ago I had another one pop up between my inner thigh and scrotum. I tested negative for HPV earlier this summer and I also received the vaccination for genital warts. 

The bump is red and hard, pretty big and I don’t grow hair anywhere in the areas where I had them. Does this seem like herpes or could it be a boil?


I’d also like to add that I don’t have any of these on my anus or on my penis.