Hi guys, I need some help. On March 9th, I messed around with a stranger. A lot of kissing and I received a brief 10 second blowjob. A week after our encounter, my groin area between scrotum and upper thigh meet, it was very itchy. After 2 weeks of scratching like crazy, one (1) red bump appeared. The bump was not crusty, no puss and I did not attempt to pop it, it simply itched like crazy. I found some left over desitin and applied it to the bump, I also stepped up my hygiene and showered twice a day; after 2 weeks of having the bump (total of a month with the condition) it finally went away. It did not crust, open, bleed or anything, it just slowly receeded.

I didnt go to the doctor thinking this was probably jock it; but I'm thinking I should have gone in regardless.

On a side note, my hygiene back then sucked. I showered with only water, no soap. I wore the same underwear for a week without changing them and I often wore the same sleeping shorts for months without washing them.

With all this being said, what do you think I had? Was this herpes or something?