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hello everyone. i would like to thank everyone who replies to my post in advance. i am a 20yrold male who has suffered from pretty bad acne since puberty. with medication (clarus/acutane) it has cleared drastically in my face, back and shoulders. however it hasnt gone away under the arms, on the butt, inner thighs, and genital area.

i have many concerns. first i think i may have a form of body acne called Hidradenitis suppurativa? not too sure but the symptoms are similar. i do not have severe symptoms but my butt and armpits have mild acne (i play a lot of hockey) and the gential area and inner thighs usually get a few pimples and a boil every now and then. the boils are extremely painful and usually come either on my scrotum or on my upper inner thighs. the mild acne that i have under the arms, on the butt, thighs, and pubic region is mildy itchy. i am also overweight and acne runs in the genes.

however, i am confused whether or not this is an acne condition or an sti. the catch is that i have had multiple sex partners in the past where no protection was used with the most of them. ive always thought that evertyhing ive been seeing in my groin area was acne since it was all over my body for years. now its practically gone, yet, i still have it in my groin area.

my girlfriend of 3 months (we have had unprotected sex on several occasions) has informed me that she may have hpv. she has symptoms and her doctor has told her that she has irregular cells in her cervix, and is awaiting more testing, but they also told her that if she does have hpv, its the not the kind that leads to genital warts. however, i talked to my doctor about a tiny white bump on my shaft and he said he wasnt even sure what it was, but it didnt look like warts. he said if it doesnt go away in a week or two to buy some aointment called podo fiom? (anyknow what this does or how effective it is) however, he also said that if my girlfriend has irregular cells than it can definately lead to warts. i dont know what to think because two doctors are giving different information to us so its been very stressful not knowing what our situation is.

also, that same doctor i visited last week, said i looked clean from stis and that it just looked like acne, but he didnt really take a good look and wasnt too informational. i noticed just recently more pimples on my scrotum that some are red and some are white. this is irregular. (i have had increased stress and exercise in this time frame- also not properly bathing because i am too embarrased to shower in the change room after hockey) Now, i am really worried because i think those arent pimples, and that i have some sort of sti.

currently, the shaft has just 1 small tiny white mysterious dot. however my scrotum area looks like it either had an acne breakout or an sti has been formed. also, above in my pubic region i have also had a red dot / black head/ pimple breakout. (have had them in the past from shaving inconsistently) i just recently shaved so i am not sure whether it is ingrown hairs, regular body acne or an sti?

i am definately going to see specialist, but any advice or knowledge from personal experience that can give me a self diagnosis in the mean time would be greatly appreciated. thanks again!


Hey how's it going? This is a problem that I've experienced for awhile before. I hate to say it, but in my case, I had to lose weight. This has everything to do with health. The big pimples you are experiencing are NOT stys, they are boils and they can multiply for long periods of time if you don't do several things to prevent them from growing. I had boils for 2 years straight. They are a bacterial infection and they are painful and when they pop after days or a week of existence, they leak puss and blood. They either need to be lanced by a doctor (cut open) or you have to ride it out and wait till it pops. If you wait it out, you can speed this process up by sitting in a warm/hot bath which will soften the skin enough for it to pop itself. After the puss and everything is out, you must clean the area immediately with soap and I would also clean the surrounding area too.

These are the few things I would to to eradicate the problem:

1. Take daily showers to rid yourself of excess bacteria around your genitals and use antibacterial soap
2. Lose weight. This will prevent prolonged skin to skin contact that produces moisture and then bacteria. This is of the utmost importance if you want to get rid of them for good
3. Try out short term antibiotics
4. When you shave, use a new razor (old razors can produce bacteria on it) and be careful not to cut yourself or get razor burn. BTW I think most girls prefer that guys trim rather than shave all the hair down there.

The white bump is a separate issue, but the blackhead and whiteheads indicate that the area is oily and I would also try salicylic acid wipes (usually used for the face) after showering and I would try astringent (you might not know what that is, but you'll find it under that title in the beauty aisle at a drugstore) before bed.

Good Luck!