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well im a 22 year old male and i have a pain on a scale from one to ten it is a 2 i have not been sexualy active in 2 years its just on the left side and at times it travels from my pelvis to my upper thight its off and on i allso notice one little bump on my right scrotum no other syptoms i no of i masturbated to check further and every things normal exept my semmen is a little yellow at times i got check for a spec of blood that was found in the semen but in turned up clean what could be the problem i wanna say it comes from the scrtum area i feel it more laying down stading up its between the pelvis and hip but only on the left side. so what could be the problem


I would suggest you had that lump on your right scrotum checked. It could be hernia. My father’s cousin had hernia going down to his testicle that had all swollen up and caused pain.

The pain you are describing could be due to some muscles spasms, or even pudendal nerve entrapment which is very hard to diagnose but you may give it a shot. This nerve is situation in the pelvic region and in charge of sensations being sent to all pelvic organs in both males and females. The most common symptoms it causes are pain, stabbing, burning, pricking, tingling, numbness and alike. Considering it is radiating from pelkvis to the thighs, I would suggest you saw a doc and had it checked.

The blood in the semen may be normal if it turns up occasionally, it is from rupture of the blood vessels and nothing serious.