I've noticed a sort of numbness between my shoulder blades and base of my neck. In a hot shower the water will burn my back but barely register on my neck / shoulder blades. Recently I've felt muscle pain in my neck muscles. I assume this has to do with poor posture and having a desk job: coupled with an inferior pillow for sleeping at night. I purchased a synthetic clay heating pouch and warmed it extra long in the microwave. It's too hot to handle on my arm so I used a thermoment to gauge its warmth. My thermontopped at 110F so I'm unsure it's true warmth. However, when I place it on my lower neck / shoulder blades I don't feel heat, just a dull itch. If I warm the heating pouch hotter, the itching increases. It appears that I don't feel burning / pain in this area; only itching. Is this a cause for concern? I've read pain / itching is handled by similar nerves but different sensory systems which tells me nothing really. It just seems weird to me.