the Egg is retaining sperm without conception so there's no period..? is it possible that this could be the reason for not having my period so far? i dont get it.. thats what my doctor told me but he didnt explain how and almost asked us to leave coz he's too busy!!

last period i had was feb 8th.. and mine is a lil irregular but never skips a whole month like that.. its usually 40 days apart..

i took 2 hpt and 1 blood test and they all came back negative..

he told me to come on april 15th if i still dont get the period..

please explain if you understand and also why april 15th in particular.. could i still be pregnant or is this def. out of the question at this point?

i have cramps and i've been feeling like its about to come for weeks now but nothing my boobs hurt.. headache and a bit of light headedness.. thats about it!