I've read about people having painful UTI and some ppl don't have much pain, but Ive never read anyone describe the pain like I felt when I had mine, so im wondering if i actually had passed a kidney stone. A couple of years ago I had my first (and so far only) 'UTI', it was early in the evening, by around 10pm it got so bad that I went to the after hours clinic, I was in so much pain, I felt the doctor wasn't sympathetic and asking so many questions that I snapped because I was in too much pain to focus on his questions, (my boyfriend already gave him my basic info), he got affended, gave me two paradol forte and a script. Well that wasn't much use considering no chemist would be open for the next 10 or so hrs. Went home and the pain become unbearable, my bladder felt so painfully full and it was screaming out to me to relieve it, but all I could squeeze out was a 'trinkle' here and there. It hurt so much just to get a drop out. I ended up laying on the floor with a warm towel between my legs which I could urinate on if needed as it was too painful to get up. This was nearly continuous pain and I've been thru child birth more than once so I know what pain is and I would put the pain up second to that. After a few hours with no change my partner called an ambulance, they were lovely and all though happy to take me to the hospital and understood I was in pain with an UTI, didn't really think it was an emergency etc, I told them to take me, once in the back of the ambo I started to cry because I couldn't handle the pain, the ambo gave me one of them whistle things to suck on ti relief the pain, it helped, but my nightmare only just begun. The hospital was busy, no beds available so the head nurse took the 'whistle' off me and asked me to sit in the waiting room (apparently you can't take them into that area). So I had to sit rhere, after 5 mins I went to the tolilet, in so much pain still, going back and forth from the waiting room to the toilet, eventually I knew I couldn't sit in the waiting room so I laid on the disgusting toilet floor (germs & smell were prob a good distraction), I laid there waiting for the doctor for the next 6 hours! I was passing blood clots thru my urinal passage which absolutely killed me. The doctor come in and looked quite shocked to see me slumped on a toilet cubical, she gave me pain killers and anti biotics after testing my urine, apparently I just had an UTI, an hour or so later when my friend picked me up from the hospital the pain was nearly gone, 10-15mins after I took an antibiotic I felt like I wee'd out a huge marble but on looking it was another blood clot, the biggest, but it was all over pain wise after passing that last clot and I quickly recovered. What I want to know is why was my UTI more painful than what I hear most ppl describe. I got to the stage where I couldn't function, walk, sit or stand with horrendous pain of busting to wee more than you could imagine but not being able to relieve it, with every now and then a shot of agony as you pass a thick blood clot thru your urinal passage. Does everyone with a UTI get the blood clots? I just felt silly because I felt nearly like I went throu something as painful as labour, but would get looked at weird if I desribed my pain to be anymore than say a 6-7/10 pain, surely I'm not the only one to rate the pain a 9.99/10 pain am I? I've just always wondered if I passed a kidney stone and that's why it was so painful. Anyhow would love to hear anyone who has experienced the near 10/10 pain threshold or someone who can explain why some UTI's are more painful than others. Thanks for reading and any one who can shed a bit of light etc.