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Hello everyone!

Im 21 Years old and my menstrual cycle is irregular. i been trying to have kids for almost two years now but wasnt able to. 

I really need some answers though... 

In the month of august, the 8th to be exact i started to notice some breast soreness, Mostly in the nipple area.  Three days laters, I felt Pain/Pressure Three inches below my belly button. this went on for the week until thursday august 16th Morning after arriving from work i started going to the bathroom frequently with a burning sensation while urinating. the pain was so bad i went to my Doctor, He did a pregnancy test & UTI. Came out to be An inffection (UTI) & for the pregnancy test Showed one faded line and the other dark. The doctor Put the test under a light he wasnt able to see the faded line anymore so he called it a NEGATIVE test. So he prescribed antibiotics (ciprofloxacin & i think it was Phenazopyridine) and ibuprofen 800 one was for five days the other for ten. i finished the one for five And it made my pee color change to dark orange.  august 24th Had three pills left of the ciprofloxacin and decided to do a Home pregnancy test. Came back Positive! I called my Doctor & ask if these pills can cause to have a false positve Pregnancy test. He said no That if it came back positive It was POSITIVE 

.... :) And to discontinue the rest of the pills i was taking for the UTI. So i did, A week Later august 30st After getting out of work at 3:00 am i noticed after i pee when i wiped light pinkish with gooish feeling was coming out. After this i just decided to put on a pad and go to sleep. when i woke up i noticed pain again three inches below my belly and the pinkish  blood was still coming out only as i wiped after urinating. and the day went by the cramping/pain got more intense. The blood got to its regular color. so i decided to relieve some of the by getting in a tub full of warm water. as i was in there i noticed i was still bleeding time to time wasnt anything heavy. kept passing some small normal blood clots.

so i got out as soon as i felt better. I started to feel something slipping down, i ran to the bathroom and this Huge clot /tissue came out. one side was like a normal blood clot ( dark, redishblack, gelatin type wasnt easy to dissolve like normal clots) next to it was more like a white clear tissue. felt like the skin of a chicken before you cooked it. ( slimmy &  white ) one side had what felt like a balloon took it out iwas another ball inside of it and this felt like a grape when you peel it soft and delicate. i pinched it a little to see what came out but only water like fluid came out of this small ball. by the was this was attached all together. im not sure if i was pregnant or my uterus that created some thing inthere. if i was pregnant my baby would of been atleast 3 to 4month. after this i passed out another big clot was also dark red moslty like blackwith weird clear or white spots going through like little rivers. i took pictures of the fist one but i did not upload them. 

i felt better after i passed these btwo clots or tissue. now sept 2nd i feel pressure below my belly and down theres its like stinging, verfy weird hard to describe but its hard to urinate i feel pressure and hard to sit downn

please help me figure this out. im lost and my gynecologist is back until this upcoming saturday..



if you should be 3 to 4 months pregnant it is very possible that the medication hurt your pregnancy, if i was you i would go see another doctor immedietly because this could also be an ectopic pregnancy.... spotting is normal for the first few months of pregnancy but you shouldnt be having this much blood clots or the white clot! again if i was you i would go to another Doctor immediatly!



It did end up being a miscarriage. Thankfully once I went to a doctor everything had come out. And I was back to normal. After this I ended up getting my period... then I was pregnant again. Pregnancy went well. I had a healthy son. After a year again I had another miscarriage. No symptom at all but I was sick so I took theraflu day and night And That Night it all started again like the first miscarriage I had. Went to the doctor and confirmed I was pregnant.