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I am an 18 year old male experiened a cramp or more specifically described as intense pressure below my ribs. I'm wondering what this is caused from and will try to give accurate details as to my problem.

The first time i had this was a few months ago, where i had it for approx 2 weeks on and off, sometimes for very long periods (throughout the night), other times for only 30 or so mins. Sometimes the pressure is very very painful, to the point at which i once felt light headed, had an instant cold-sweat and felt like fainting. Or can be not very painful and tolerable.

To me, it feels as if the muscles below my ribs are very tense, like they are contracting. I always lie down instantly to try to subdue the pain. My breathing is non-rhythmical and i feel short of breath. I have no pain in other areas. I have no known diseases, illneses etc. I'm doubtful although unsure whether it is caused by diet. Today the pain hit me very abruptly(came on in around 2mins) in the evening and was quite painful but went away as i held my hands firmly over the area. I also had not eaten anything unusual to my diet. Please help! TY


You just described exactly what I have happen to me. Though my episodes are now much more spread out, they used to be very grouped together. Personally, I have found that while I'm very afraid to move for fear of making it worse, when the pain ebbs slightly I get up eat a tums/ rolaids/ and drink a little water. Sit down on the toilet ( I'm almost always on the verge of puking) hands on my knees, and I don't move. In two minutes I'm back to my old self. This leads me to believe that it is some kind of acid reflex, but would love to know more.