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lower back pain
week late on my period
stomach pains
urinate more frequently than normally
craving chocolate really really bad
i eat alot
always tired
white discharge
breasts are larger and sore
legs and hips are larger
bad acid reflux in the morning
i get dizzy through out the entire day
stomach makes strange sounds
my feet ache

i dont have alot of money.
i cant tell my parents.
i've already talked to my fiance about it and he's okay with it.
ive told my mom that i havent felt good but she wont take me to the Dr.

please help me.
or tell me what is wrong with me.


these symptoms may suggest you have conceived.

1. Have you been having unprotected sex?

2. You can buy Home pregnancy tests from supermarkets and pharmacies, chemists etc. They don't cost that much and will show you if you are pregnant or not!!!

3. Planned parenthood/family planning clinics will test you for free and discuss the results with you, its confidential and you dont need parents to come with you!

There is no other way to know other than take a test I am afraid!