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(First post, forgive me if my syntax is strange.)

For the last couple of weeks, I've been getting severe stomach cramps. right under my belly-button. So bad I'll lay down, and laying down is one of the only thing that really helps it. I've come home early from work a few times, and it's so bad that it's driven me to tears on at least 3 occasions.

Really beyond this stomach cramp, I get short pains all over my body. over my heart concerns the heck out of me, but over the opposite side of my chest feels the same, my back never, always either upper chest left, Upper chest Right, or Lower stomach. Occasionally pelvis, near the testes.

I'm a 21 year old Male, Overweight (6'0, weight 245 lbs) and about 2 months ago began excersizing by doing long walks in the evening and pushups/situps.

I am concerned but do not have the means to see a doctor until sometime at the end of this month. Any input on what this could be, would be greatly appreciated.

The pain occurs daily.


You may have symptoms of fibromyalgia. The least expensive way to deal with this is to take an aspirin or two.