Just a little backstory incase its anything to do with anxiety, i have finished college which has been EXTREMELY stressful, i am also going travelling for a year in a few months which i have never done before.

For the past 2-3 days my neck has felt tight and narrow and the back of my throat when i look in the mirror seems to have closed up a bit aswell and i cant also get the air i need without taking a deep breathe. I havent been diagnosed but i get anxious about pretty much anything and i'm only making it worse now because all i am doing is focusing on my breathing and getting anxious of what it could be..

I have hayfever and found out i am allergic to my cat although i have been out of the house for 2 days now so surely it would have cleared up if it was the cat. I will be going to the doctors if it carrys on in a few days but i would like some idea of what it could be..