Hi i have had a sore throat since febuary and have been left to suffer, treated with gerd but still the sore throat never went. Recently my thyroid was swollen and i noticed a lump the size of a grape in the middle of my throat. Finally the docter seemed concerned and refered me to hospital although my appointment isnt until 3 weeks and she said she cannot treat me until she knows what it is! My symptoms are voice breaking, hard to swallow, pain in throat, arms and legs tingling and weak sometimes. The last few days swallowing has been more painful, i have had pain in middle of my forehead accompanied with dizzyness and ive also spotted the roof of my mouth at the back is white? I am visiting a docter tomorrow to question more and check my blood results although anyone who has had similiar symtoms or any idea what it could be please reply. I am 24yrs female and i am already prepared for the worst (cancer) although and advice or similiar situations would be greatly appreciated, thankyou.