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I am a 21 year old female, mother of one (7month old baby boy).
In short...
I woke up one day, 2years ago now, feeling extremely dizzy and sick. :'( Having suffered for a week or so, I went to the doctor who gave me tablets for vertigo.
These did absolutely nothing so i went back. Since then, I have been to the doctors at least 3times a month, every month, for the past 2years. :'(
The best way to describe my symptoms is for me to list them...:
- Dizziness - sort of imbalanced, feel as though the floor is rocking (like a boat) 24/7
- Nausea - more so when the dizziness is really bad. This is really hard to live with as feeling sick is not nice for just one day, i have this feeling every single day for 2years straight.
- Heavy neck - My head feels too heavy for my body. Very uncomfortable.
- Feeling of a swollen throat - although my throat doesnt look swollen, it feels as if it is inside. also a feeling of having something trapped in throat very low down. no problems swallowing though.
- Tired - my whole body aches daily. I feek as though i hardly sleep yet i get at least 8 hours a night!
- Weakness - On most days I can barely move. I struggle to simply lift a fork to my mouth to eat.
- Abdominal pains - very low in abdo (womb area) and high in abdo (beneath ribs). these pains are very sharp almost stabbing like.

This is really getting me down. I have tried going to the doctors for help yet they seem to be coming up with nothing at all. They have referred me for an MRI of the head and cervical spine, which, after a ridiculous 10weeks! came back as normal. I had an ultrasound scan to check for goulstones back in April of 2008, again a normal result. I have had numerous blood tests (by which i mean approx. one a month). Up until 8 - 10 weeks ago there was never an abnormality in my results, however, the last 3 blood tests have shown wht my doctors call an 'inflammatory marker' as being abnormal. when i ask my doc what that means they simply say that it shows that i have an infection or inflammation somewhere in my body - then send me home with nothing.

I believe that the 'inflammatory marker' does not have much to do with it as this has only been present for 8-10weeks yet I have been unwell for around 2years! %-)
This illness is so bad that most days I spend laying down due to the overwhelming dizziness i feel. I have not left the house on my own since this problem started. I am also unable to do simple things such as holding my little boy due to the weakness that i feel. many times my partner has had to help steady me to walk to the bathroom it is that bad. I DO tel my doctors this, (i have seen 7 different GPs, 4 a&e doctors, various consultants and 3 or 4 nurses), yet they still send me home with no answers and no treatment.

Sorry for the long post, I would be grateful for any suggestions as to what this could be?
Thank you in advance for any replies x


I have Vertigo also, had it now almost 6 months horrid sickness feeling 24-7 dizziness and i hate it. I was a very active person i loved swimming/weights/running/Mountain biking anything active but now i can hardly do anything the stress i go through with it.

gets me down, i want to be sick, and at times when i can’t stand up i am sick several times it’s like being on a roller coaster, getting anyone to understand what you go through is frustrating. i am on Stemetil 5mg and i wish i can say it works, as the side effects is sickness, so it’s a double edged sword. i feel as people don’t understand how ill it makes you feel, motion sickness all the time.
Cars buses trains, is a big no.

I miss being me again, and it feels never ending I hope that one day I can be my active self again.

The symptoms are as follows
Nausea started first in the lower part of the throat similar feeling to travel sickness.
Then you start to feel unbalanced and the world spins, even when u lay down u feel like u are a on ride at the fair.
Then you get a lump in your throat, feeling.
then you lose your appetite
then vomiting
passing out as your crystals in your head are out of sync
I can handle the dizziness, it’s the sickness feeling is very annoying as you can’t tell if you are going to be sick or not.

I have tried al things even herbal.
if anyone has any ideas please say.


This is horrible!! After several visits to my doctor he thought it was labryinthitis (inner ear infection) but after referring me on to an ENT Specialist he ruled out it being anything to do with my ears, so the ent specialist has now referred me on to a nuerologist who i am seeing on the 10th of May. Ive been feeling extremely dizzy 24/7 for over 5 months now aswell as my GLANDS in my neck being swollen. Also sometimes when i blink i see zig zagged white lines like lightening strikes. I haven't left the house proper because of it. The last time i went out was Xmas night properly. I have had blood tests and they have come back all clear. Basically it has left me disabled. All i can do is lie down and walk round my house and on good days go in my back garden. I am only 18 years old, before all this i went to the gym 3 times a week, played football almost everyday, went running, had a job (which i obviously haven't got anymore!) i can't beleive whats happened to me, i don't know what to do anymore!!!!!!!!! STERIC i know what you mean it is SO frustrating trying to explain what your going through and trying to explain how ill you feel on a daily basis. I don't know how much longer i can stay positive. I have suffered for so long!! Replys much appreciated!


Check into autonomic dysfunction (pots)


I strongly urge you to find a functional medicine doctor in or close to your area. Most doctors read results of labs based on a "normal reading scale" meaning they are comparing you to the average of a bunch of people they tested hundreds of years ago. They might be "normal" but not FUNCTIONING. when things don't function properly it causes a domino effect and then regular drs can't track the symptoms. Please go see a functional medicine specialist. Also check out any info by Louise hay. Ive been suffering for 5 months. And out of nowhere have been miraculously fine for the past 16 days. Look into adrenal fatigue. Hope this helps